Monday, February 25, 2008

Penn State Weekend and Purdue Trip

Mia made me cookies :)

Corner Room

with Mike and Alicia

Mia's Fuel Filter (Car won't accelerate or go more than 60mph)

Removed Fuel Filter Fuse to drain gas, still spilled out though

Shinny new fuel filter

Lots of rust in filter

Cell phones at Zeno's

The Proverbial Question, stout or lager?


First time I've had every Beer on the Zeno's Draft List, then Marcus brought me a new one

The List

Thanks for taking one for the team ozone :/

Yay Entering Ohio

I didn't know Summit Racing was in Summit County, Ohio...

Budweiser plant

10 and 2

Passenger Mia

Yay leaving Ohio

Last State

Snow squalls

Purdue University (too cold to take real pictures outside)

Someone from Indiana Parked before the parking space at Walmart

NOS at Summit


Stock Cars above

Rotating Cars in front of store

Engine Blocks

Crack Shafts

Connecting Rods

Airbags suspension systems (I want for Suburban)

New V8 (Also for Suburban)


We raised $6.6 million this year for kids with cancer.

Otto's brewery Growler on ice for the ride home.

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